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What I Miss Most About Music School...

…is getting to hear my friends make music.




No one told me that listening to my best friend rehearse her Messiah aria in the kitchen would NOT in fact be a routine part of my Tuesday night forever.

No one told me that late night hangs at the practice rooms would up and vanish after graduation.

No one told me that this would be the best part of music school.

If you’re currently getting that music degree, cherish this part of it! You get to watch your friends open themselves up in one of the most vulnerable ways possible. The people you meet in this setting are not your competition, but your COMMUNITY. They are the beginning of that elusive “network” that you hear your mentors talking about. In fact, they are the most important part of your network, even if it doesn’t seem obvious to you now.

No one told me this. So I’m telling you.


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