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Is this song overdone?

Here are some better questions to ask yourself as you build your audition book:

  1. Do I love the songs in my book? Am I excited to sing all of them?

  2. Do I sing the songs in my book extremely well, even when I’m tired?

  3. Do the songs in my book show off my skills and personality?

  4. Do the songs in my book align with the type of work I want to be doing?

Here’s the thing I've never understood about those “overdone audition song” lists - once you tell people to stop singing those songs, they are no longer overdone.

And once you start recommending alternatives to them, those songs start to become the new overdone songs. I mean, really, a list of 5 not so overdone songs? Congratulations, they’re no longer the rare gems you claim them to be.

Please do not go off in search of the most obscure material just for the sake of singing the most obscure material ever. The well known music is well known because it’s of high quality. The good stuff is GOOD, and the bad stuff is really really bad. 

Besides, if you’re auditioning in a market like New York, you’d better believe the people behind the table have extensive knowledge of the repertoire. Every song is overdone.

Do you know what song gets me more callbacks than anything else in my book?

“Vanilla Ice Cream”

It often tops the lists of overdone soprano songs. I sing it damn well, I have fun doing it, and it’s a high quality piece of musical theatre writing. Every time I try to be clever and replace it with something else, I regret it.

Now, you may want to proceed with caution when it comes to material that is currently running on Broadway or songs that are associated with a particularly iconic performance, but if a song is working for you, keep it! If singing a song that you enjoy encourages you to go on more auditions, keep it!

And if you need help with your audition materials, book a lesson with me. Let’s work together to make sure you’re singing what you love and, more importantly, you love HOW you’re singing!


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