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Sing With Nicole


Repeat after me:

"I love my voice."


That wasn't so hard, was it?

For over 10 years, I've had the honor of helping singers unlock their voices and find joy and ease in singing. My students have ranged from young students who are just discovering the joy of music, to high school students preparing for college auditions, to working moms who want to reconnect with their old love. They have performed lead roles in their high school musicals, gone on to study music at the collegiate level, and even performed on NBC's The Voice


There are so many reasons to take voice lessons.


Whatever your reason is, I'm glad you're here!

  • Where do you teach?
    My studio is 100% virtual via Zoom or FaceTime. I am based in Philadelphia.
  • What styles do you teach?
    My specialties are classical and musical theatre - they're the styles I studied. I also love teaching popular styles as well. Looking to learn how to belt? I got you. Looking to work that head voice? I got you. Singing is a vehicle for storytelling, and that's what I teach best.
  • What is a lesson like with you?
    Fun! We start lessons with a physical and vocal warm up, followed by work on repertoire. I'll assign music, but I'll also gladly work on whatever you'd like to bring to your lesson. Expect to move around and get silly, so wear comfortable clothing. Activewear is encouraged! It's also good practice to have a pencil, water, a binder to store your sheet music, and a recording device (a smartphone is perfect).
  • Do I need fancy equipment for a virtual lesson?
    Not at all. There are some basics that we can discuss in your 15-minute consultation.
  • Can you recommend a piano teacher/audition coach/acting class/etc?
    Yes! I'm lucky to know a lot of really fabulous people who are amazing at what they do.

Group Classes

Join Nicole this summer at the Walnut Street Theater for Adult Musical Theatre Vocal Workshop! We have fun building our voices, working on new rep, and dig into storytelling - the most important part.


Ready to Sing?

Current Students

New Students

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