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Summer Workshops

Nicole Renna Voice Studio

This summer I'm proud to offer the following musical theatre programs via Zoom:

Nicole Renna Voice Studio presents (3).p

Spotlight Mode

August 4-21, Tuesdays 11:30-12:30 and Fridays 11:30-12:30)

via Zoom!

Acting, developing a character, connecting to the material - what does it all mean? It's not magic, and there are concrete tools and tricks to help you create nuanced and truthful characters with your songs and monologues. The school year is fast approaching, and with it comes AUDITIONS. I want you to be able to step into the spotlight with strategies to prepare for anything you might be asked to present.

This program is best-suited for performers entering grades 6-12, with a minimum enrollment of 4 students. Students will be most successful if they are comfortable learning music/monologues independently.

Already have a voice teacher? Great! This program doesn't focus on vocal technique.

Tuition for this 3-week program is $120, payable by Venmo. Students must enroll for the full duration of the program. There will be no refunds offered due to a missed class on the student's part.


Please contact me at with questions and to enroll!

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